About Us

Being a womxn in medicine is challenging. In 2020, womxn made up 43% of physician-scientist trainees (AAMC). This gap also extends towards academic medicine and leadership. Currently, 36% of physicians in the United States are womxn; however, they only make up 18% of hospital CEOs and 16% of deans and academic chairs (Harvard Business Review). These numbers represent a disparity that has existed since the beginning of medicine, as womxn make up approximately half of the U.S. population.


The Mentorship Program for Womxn in Medicine and Research is dedicated to mentoring and inspiring womxn pre-medical students who come from marginalized backgrounds (Womxn of Color, first generation student, low socioeconomic status, and/or LGBTQIA+). We recognize the additional challenges that womxn face based on race, income, sexuality, and citizenship. Experiencing these barriers not only discourage womxn from pursuing careers in medicine and research, but they can also have lasting effects on the rest of their educational opportunities in the future.

Our mission is dedicated to supporting them throughout their medical journey. We aspire to help the next generation of womxn in medicine, research, and leadership through long-term mentorship, networking, professional development workshops, and collaborations with key community leaders and organizations.

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Who Are our mentors?

We aim to provide world-class mentorship to our students. Our organization is very fortunate to recruit amazing physician-scientist trainees and medical students to help mentor the next generation of womxn medical leaders.


With our vast experience, we want to impact the next generation of scholars and give a helping hand to those who are under-resourced. Sometimes, life provides obstacles that prevent people from achieving their potential. We’re here to change that.